Composting Workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside

Craig Benton As a part of Climate Action Week, Fingal County Council sponsored two composting workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside on Saturday September 18th 2021. 35 people showed up to the Bayside workshop to learn about the biology and essentials of composting and see how to set up a leaf mould cage, a composting binContinue reading “Composting Workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside”

Harvesting Compost at the Bog of Allen

Nuala Maddigan Peatlands are one of Ireland’s last wildernesses offering sanctuary to some of Ireland’s most threatened species but sadly they are being destroyed through the extraction of peat moss compost used by many gardeners unaware of the consequences to Irish peatland habitat. Based at the Bog of Allen Nature Centre in Kildare one areaContinue reading “Harvesting Compost at the Bog of Allen”