Composting Workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside

Craig Benton

As a part of Climate Action Week, Fingal County Council sponsored two composting workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside on Saturday September 18th 2021.

35 people showed up to the Bayside workshop to learn about the biology and essentials of composting and see how to set up a leaf mould cage, a composting bin and a wormery.

Afterward, discussion centred around why compost is a much better soil amendment than using peat moss, not only in terms of saving our precious bog heritage but also how compost is a much superior soil enricher.

Compost feeds the ecosystem of life in the soil so it can release nutrients that plants can absorb, it buffers the soil’s acidity to encourage nutrient transfer to plants and it releases micronutrients plants need to fight disease and remain healthy and productive.

Contact us if you are interested in these fun hands-on and interactive workshops…

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