Composting Workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside

Craig Benton As a part of Climate Action Week, Fingal County Council sponsored two composting workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside on Saturday September 18th 2021. 35 people showed up to the Bayside workshop to learn about the biology and essentials of composting and see how to set up a leaf mould cage, a composting binContinue reading “Composting Workshops in Blanchardstown and Bayside”

Feeding the wormery

Mike Holden Even with the best will in the world and the best storage systems (and I have neither of these), this is the time of year when some of our stored harvest inevitably has to return to meet its maker. In this case quite literally! Gone-off pumpkins and apples are heading into my bath-tubContinue reading “Feeding the wormery”

Going Potty

  Betty Kehoe Now that all our birds have flown the nest, we are in the process of downsizing. We sold our house early last year and we are currently renting a house in Rosslare, while our new house is being built. I am so looking forward to our new garden and greenhouse! The biggestContinue reading “Going Potty”

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