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Our aim is to get people composting.

Below are some of the popular support services we offer, including one off training sessions and a longer course option. All of these services can be tailored to meet your needs.

Have you got a plan in mind? Get in touch and we’ll work together!


Become a composting expert with our 3-6 week course for communities that involves online and in-person learning and getting your hands in the soil.


Through these stand alone sessions we offer participants tips on setting-up, maintaining or improving their composting systems as well as troubleshooting the common problems.


We are available to attend events and have engaging games and props to help everyone learn a little about the wonders of composting.

Green Waste Plans

We can help you develop a zero green waste management plan for your park or green space.

Your great idea

Got an idea just waiting to sprout? Get in touch with us.

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